My credit card payment was declined without cause

If you are attempting to complete payment by credit card using a card that most assuredly has enough credit and should not be declined, yet your transactions are still being declined, ensure your billing information is accurate.

When your billing address and contact address are identical

If there is no difference between the billing address that is associated with your credit card and your contact address, visit your profile page to ensure that the address provided exactly matches the address you have supplied your credit card provider. If there are any discrpancies in your address, your credit card may be declined.

When your billing address is different from your contact address

In this situation you need to do three things to ensure your credit card transactions process successfully.

  1. Ensure your profile shows your contact address. Visit your profile page and update any information that is not accurate.
  2. Create a new contact for billing purposes only. You can create a new contact by visiting our add a contact page. It is not necessary to enable the contact as a sub-account or enable any email notifications, though you are welcome to do so.
  3. Go back to your profile page and select the new contact as the "Default Billing Contact" - it is the last option on the page.
You should now be able to successfully complete payment on any unpaid invoices.
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