My websites are not responding / my VPS is down

Problem Description

None of the sites on your VPS are responding and, in some cases, you cannot access the server via SSH or through its control panel.

Problem Resolution

Start by checking with sites like -- then you'll know if it's just your IP that might be blocked. If you find that your server or website is available from all other locations, then your IP was probably blocked by the server's Firewall.

Some options to ensure you can access the server when your IP gets blocked include using a VPN or tethering to your phone (or directly accessing from your phone) while on cellular data. Here's how to unblock yourself using Plesk's fail2ban service via command line and here's how to do it from the Plesk GUI.

If you find the fail2ban block occurred due to a mod security trigger, this article will help you learn how to prevent this from happening if your IP changes in the future. If it's for another reason, we recommend searching our knowledgebase then Google for a solution to that particular issue.

If you have our full Platinum management, you can simply open a ticket and request that we investigate for you. If the server is down for everyone, then we've likely already been notified of this outage by our external monitoring system and are working on the issue, but it never hurts to open a ticket to confirm.

If you do not have our full Platinum management, this means it is entirely up to you to monitor your DIY servers and respond if there is a problem, or open a ticket and request that we intervene at our standard non-Platinum hourly rate. The *only* exception to this is if your server is not accessible via SSH on port 22 from *any* location; at that point we will step in to ensure you regain SSH access.

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