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This is a guide describing how to cancel services with Websavers. For our detailed cancelation policy, please click here. If you have multiple services with us (ex: a domain registration and a hosting plan) you will need to complete the matching steps for each one.

How to cancel a registered domain

These steps will ensure the domain will not renew upon its next expiry date. They will not take the domain offline immediately unless your next expiry date is today or in the past.

  1. Login to the Client Centre
  2. Choose Registered Domains from the Client Centre menu along the top of the page
  3. Click anywhere on the domain you wish to cancel from the list (or the Settings button).
  4. Choose the option to Disable AutoRenew

If you have multiple domains to cancel, please complete this for each one.

Useful info regarding domain cancellation:

  • Domain registration cannot be cancelled in the ordinary sense. The domain will remain registered until its renewal comes due at which point, as long as you've disabled Auto Renew using the above noted steps, you will not be invoiced for renewal and the domain will simply expire. You will still get domain expiry notifications -- we are required by domain authorities ICANN and CIRA to send these. 
  • Once you have ordered a domain name, and the registration has been completed, you have 24 hours from the original purchase date and time during which period we might be able to cancel and refund the domain for you. Requests for cancellation and refund after the initial 24 hours are not eligible for refund or cancellation. Not all domain extensions (TLDs) allow for the 24 hour cancellation and so we reserve the right to deny such requests even within 24 hours. Connected hosting for the domain can be changed to the correct domain at any time. If you opt to cancel a domain purchased within 30 days, ID protection will be automatically removed, exposing your personal information in WHOIS records for approximately 1 week until the domain is released. If you don't wish for that to occur, do not cancel the domain.
  • If you wish to guarantee cancellation of your domain name registration for the following year, we recommend disabling Auto Renew at least 60 days prior to the renewal date using the steps above.

How to cancel hosting and other services

You will be presented with the option for immediate cancellation or to have it cancel at end of the billing period. The latter is typically recommended unless you are within our refund policy and wish to obtain a refund.

  1. Login to the Client Centre
  2. Choose Hosting Plans and Services from the Client Centre menu along the top of the page
  3. Select the plan you wish to cancel from the list
  4. On the right, choose "Cancel Service"

Useful info regarding hosting cancellation:

  • Before you cancel your hosting, you should always login to the hosting control panel and confirm that there are no services still hosted within the plan that you require. For example for those with Titanium hosting plans, renewal invoices will only show the primary domain, but you may have other domains or sites hosted within the plan that you still require: cancellation of that plan will then terminate the hosting for all domains within the plan.
  • To ensure optimal privacy pertaining to your data, we remove all hosted data on our servers 45-60 days after cancellation and disaster recovery backups typically only extend 30-60 days back in time. Therefore, we strongly recommend taking a backup of your entire hosting plan or individual websites / webapps before completing cancellation. Doing this now will ensure that should you wish to restore the site in the future, you'll have everything necessary to make that happen. Here's how to complete a backup of your website or entire hosting account.

How to cancel Hands-On Support

Once submit, this will be cancelled within 24-48 hours and cannot be configured to cancel in future.

  1. Login to the Client Centre
  2. Choose Hosting Plans and Services from the Client Centre menu along the top of the page
  3. Select the hosting plan under which you have Hands-On Support enabled
  4. Under the addons box, look for the cancel button to the right of Hands-On Support (Formerly Platinum) and click it.
  5. Answer the questions to submit for cancellation

A refund will be granted with the following conditions

  • New orders: If you are within the 30 days of the original order (not payment, but from the submission of the order form).
  • Renewal: If you are within 7 days of renewal
  • If it is beyond 30 days from the order or 7 days from the renewal date, then we cannot provide a refund, though we'll be happy to continue to provide service until the end of the cycle.

Note: these statements do not override the full terms of our refund policy here.

If you have a credit card saved to your account, automatic renewal will occur unless you specify otherwise.

Separation of services

Please note that our shared hosting plans are a combined plan of web, email, and DNS hosting. Those parts are not separable. If you do not require one or more of those features, you may simply not use it, however there is no change in price as a result of your decision not to use that functionality. If you wish to have more fine-grained control over what you pay for, we suggest our VPS line where you can configure resources individually.

What happens when I cancel my Hands-On Support subscription?

To fully understand what you lose upon cancellation of Hands-On Support, you can read more about all that we do for those using Hands-On Support here:

Here are a few of those advantages you will lose:

  1. Our Intervensions: Your entire hosting plan becomes do-it-yourself. This means if you need a hand with anything related to your website or email, the most we'll do is send you a link to a guide to learn how to do it yourself. Nothing is hands-on any longer.
  2. Website Monitoring: With Hands-On Support we monitor your site and ensure to step in to make changes as necessary to resolve outages. When you drop it, you lose this monitoring and response.
  3. Hack-Free Guarantee: if you site is compromised in any way, there will now be a charge to have us repair it.
  4. Free Recovery from Backup: should your site or email service require a restore from backup, those with Hands-On Support incur no additional fees when we restore data from either a configured backup or our disaster recovery backups. Note that you can still recover your data for free yourself from a configured backup service, like in these examples: Plesk Backup connected to your DropBox account; 1-click web apps backup connected to your OneDrive account.
  5. Software Licenses: the license agreement with many of our premium software vendors requires that we tie our licenses with a maintenance plan - your Hands-On Support subscription is that maintenance plan. When you cancel Hands-On Support, we're legally required to abide by our agreement  and cancel all licenses we've used on your site. This typically includes: BeaverBuilder (our Visual Editor), PowerPack, WP Rocket, and WPForms or Formidable Forms, but may include additional software. Upon cancellation nothing will change on your site in the short term, however you will no longer receive updates to this software and a lack of updates can create problems with the site over time. If you decide to proceed with cancellation of Hands-On Support, we strongly recommend purchasing a license for the software we've used on your site. We have links to most of our software vendors here, should you wish to purchase a license:


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