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How to provide us with access to your hosting provider or registrar Print

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In many cases we can login directly to your web host or registrar. However there are some cases where they have security systems like multi factor authentication (MFA) that are forcefully enabled and they don't provide you with the option to disable them. Forced MFA will prevent us from being able to log in to the company's control panel directly.

The most common scenario where this happens is when submitting a site for migration with our SiteMigrator form.

To work around this issue you'll need to provide us with delegate account access. Here's how for common providers that we know force MFA (please remove the square brackets when entering the email address):

If any of the above accounts ask you to set permissions, either provide all, or ensure that whichever option you select it includes server/hosting panel access. This often goes by the names: Control Panel, cPanel, Plesk, Server or Application, Console, or SSO (Single Sign On).

Alternative method for hosting providers only:

If you cannot find a way to provide us with delegate access to your hosting account as described above, there are two alternatives that will only work for hosting providers and not registrars. After you have submit the SiteMigrator form, or if you already have a ticket for your migration, update the ticket and include in the Sensitive Data field either:

  1. The username and password to access just your hosting control panel (examples: cPanel, Plesk, Helm, DirectAdmin)
  2. The username and password to access your hosting files via FTP, SFTP, or SSH. Please ensure that when you create the FTP user, you set the home folder to the one that contains your website files. For example with cPanel this is usually public_html.

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