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I just got a ton of Autoresponses in my email. What's happening? Print

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Please do not send test emails to yourself if you have an autoresponder set up on the account!

It will create the following cycle:

  1. You send message from test@websavers.ca to test@websavers.ca
  2. Autoresponder kicks in, sending an email to the sender: test@websavers.ca
  3. You receive autoresponse, and autoresponder kicks in, sending a response to the sender: test@websavers.ca
  4. Back to #2

So you see that doing this creates a loop. The websavers mail server is configured to detect loops at about the 14 message place, which is why it dosen't just keep sending them.

Keep in mind that this will create the very same problem for any aliases to the account, or any addresses that forward to the account.

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