Intermittent IMAP connectivity despite Dovecot max connections already increased Print

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Problem Description

You have intermittent problems connecting via IMAP. Your mail client occasionally says it's offline, then comes back online a few minutes later.

You will probably see this in /var/log/maillog: mail dovecot: master: Warning: service(imap-login): process_limit (100) reached, client connections are being dropped

Problem Resolution

The first thing to check is normally that your max connections and max connections per IP settings in the IMAP server are increased. If you've already increased them to a much higher value than your expected IMAP connectivity volume, and you're still seeing a problem, it probably lies in Dovecot's max login daemon connections. 

Created a file as follows:


Inside that file, put:

service imap-login {
  service_count = 1
  process_limit = 500

Then restart Dovecot to have it pick up the new settings:
/etc/init.d/dovecot restart


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