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Help! Pages on my website are taking 10+ seconds to load Print

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Problem description

  • Your website is normally very fast to load, but suddenly or recently it takes 10+ seconds to load a single page (which could result in an error at the end, or the page loading normally).
  • Your website is loading slowly.
  • WordPress is slow.

Note: For the purposes of this article, when we say slow, we don't mean for all resources to load on the page, rather there's no sign of the site loading at all in the browser until at least 8-10 seconds of waiting.

Problem Resolution

There's a few reasons this issue can occur. Here's the list along with their solutions:

  1. Your web host is under heavy load. If this is true, then simply wait it out for 10-30 minutes and check the results again later. This is pretty common and should be expected (to a certain degree) under shared web hosting environments. If you have a dedicated server, I'd suggest getting in touch with whomever is managing your server to find out why there is/was a temporary slowdown.
  2. You're using PHP version 5.x still: See our guide here to changing the PHP version.
  3. Your theme is configured to allow full theme-resource processing on 404 pages: See the part about "Any Theme's Custom 404.php" in our discouraged WordPress plugins and themes article for a solution to this issue.
  4. Some unknown resource on your website is loading for as long as the PHP process is allowed to live, then failing either silently or with a Gateway error:

Often when there are issues with a plugin or theme, after the page finally loads, you can inspect the page for glitches or missing elements. For example if the problem is with a Twitter widget, you might find that the Twitter widget never loads on the page like it should. Then you can go specifically to that plugin and disable it to solve the problem without having to scan through each of your plugins one-by-one.

However if the site never loads and instead you get a Gateway error, you'll need to follow our guide to troubleshooting Gateway errors here.

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