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Can I create additional FTP accounts? How do I add an FTP account? This article has been moved here: http://www.websavers.ca/add-ftp-account-plesk/ How do I access my webmail accounts? This article has been moved to: https://websavers.ca/access-email-using-webmail/ How do I cancel hosting, addons, or name registration? This is a guide describing how to cancel services with Websavers. For our detailed cancelation... How do I configure Frontpage/Dreamweaver to upload to my account? Frontpage and Dreamweaver use an FTP connection to transfer files to your server, therefore our... How do I configure my account to use Google Apps for Business for email? This article has been moved to our guides page here. How do I configure my domain name to point to my Websavers hosting account This article has been moved to our new guides page here. How do I log in to Plesk? This article has been moved. Click here to be redirected! New Location:... How to provide us with access to your hosting provider or registrar In many cases we can login directly to your web host or registrar. However there are some cases... How to upgrade or change your Support Level This guide will show you how to upgrade, downgrade, or change your Support Level. Details on... How to view your website before the name servers point to your Websavers server This article has been moved to our guides section here. I ordered more than one domain, but only one shows up in Plesk During the order process only the domain that was associated with your hosting package was... My website will not work with the www prefix If you opt to default to the www prefix, all requests for yourdomain.com will redirect to... What are my Name Servers? You can view the name servers for your hosting plan in the Client Centre. Simply login and choose... What is the path and version of Perl, MySQL, etc? Paths are listed below. Versions will change over time, so we have not included them here. PHP... What mail server settings should I be using? This is the Websavers mail settings reference. It describes everything you need to access your...
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