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  •  Can I create additional FTP accounts? How do I add an FTP account?

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  •  How do I access my webmail accounts?

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  •  How do I cancel hosting, addons, Platinum, or name registration?

    This is a guide describing how to cancel services with Websavers. For our detailed cancelation...

  •  How do I configure Frontpage/Dreamweaver to upload to my account?

    Frontpage and Dreamweaver use an FTP connection to transfer files to your server, therefore our...

  •  How do I configure my account to use Google Apps for Business for email?

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  •  How do I configure my domain name to point to my Websavers hosting account

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  •  How do I log in to Plesk?

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  •  How to view your website before the name servers point to your Websavers server

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  •  I ordered more than one domain, but only one shows up in Plesk

    During the order process only the domain that was associated with your hosting package was...

  •  My website will not work with the www prefix

    If you opt to default to the www prefix, all requests for will redirect to...

  •  What are my Name Servers?

    Note: The below applies to shared hosting plans only. VPS plans do not come with central name...

  •  What is the path and version of Perl, MySQL, etc?

    Paths are listed below. Versions will change over time, so we have not included them here. PHP...

  •  What mail server settings should I be using?

    Please Note: Our servers support only the latest in security standards (TLSv1.2). You must be...