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Problem Description

You've installed WordPress to subdirectory like mydomain.com/wordpress or mydomain.com/blog and you want to publish the site without showing the /wordpress or /blog directory in the path. You have followed our KB article #70 to fix this, however after completing the step where you changing the site address URL in the WordPress admin, your site no longer appears when you visit it in your browser of choice!

This occurs because you changed the wrong configuration value. In the WordPress admin, under Settings > General, there are two URL values there:

  1. WordPress Address (URL)
  2. Site Address (URL)

The WordPress Address URL must always be set to the location where WordPress is installed to. This is initially configured correctly and in general should never be changed. The Site Address URL is the one that you wanted to change to finalize your update for removing the /path from your WordPress install when you were finishing up the steps in KB article #70. If you're encountering the problem described above, it is because you changed the WordPress Address URL when you should have changed the Site Address URL. But now you can't change it back because the WordPress admin page is no longer found (404)!

Problem Resolution

To fix this problem you will need to edit your wp-config.php file. You will find this in the directory that WordPress is installed to (maybe /wordpress or /blog). Open the file for editing and add the following value anywhere you like between the first and last lines.

define('WP_SITEURL', 'http://' . $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] . '/path');

Where /path is the path you installed WordPress to (possibly /wordpress or /blog). You should now be able to login again at the normal admin URL and the site should work as normal once again.

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