How do I restore files from backup?

Click here to learn about the two user-level backup systems you have access to use that will either backup web applications or your entire Plesk account as a whole to either the local server or an external FTP or Dropbox account. To recover from these backups, use the matching tool in Plesk and press the Restore or Restore from backup button.

Aside from the user-level backup tools described above, we also keep disaster recovery backups for each of our server nodes.

For those with Platinum Management: we can restore from backups made twice in the past week and often from up to three weeks past. 

For those without Platinum Management: we can restore files from our disaster recovery backups for a one-time fee starting at $49.99

To have files restored from our disaster recovery backups, ask an expert by specifying exactly which files you would like to have restored and we'll take care of it for you. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours to complete a data restore. You must request the restore from an authorized account. If you wish to add an authorized user to your account, see here to learn how to create a Client Centre sub-account.

We complete system-wide disaster recovery backups at regular intervals, however it's important to note that Websavers is not liable for the integrity of your data. It is your responsibility alone to ensure you have regularly updated off-site backups. There are multiple methods you can use to accomplish this, all of which are described in our how to complete a backup guide.

We charge non-Platinum subscribers for restoring from these backups because they are stored in a raw data-file format, making it a lengthy procedure to recover the data to your live account.

Plesk backups can optionally include your emails in the backups, however you can also manually back up email. Here's how to archive emails on your local computer. 

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