How to disable mail for a domain

If you are hosting a website, but not the mail services for a domain, then you will need to inform Plesk of this, otherwise you're likely to get bounced emails and/or emails that simply never reach their destination. Emails that go missing or bounces occur when you leave mail enabled and send messages to * from other accounts hosted on the same server.

Note that it's important to also disable DNS for the domain within Plesk if you are not hosting the DNS with us either, otherwise you'll still run into mail deliverability issues.

Here's how to disable mail for a domain in Plesk:

  1. Login to Plesk
  2. Choose "Mail"
  3. Click the "Mail Settings" tab
  4. Check the box beside the domain for which you wish to disable mail, then click the "Activate/Deactivate Services" button.
  5. If the server you're using is running Plesk Onyx (17) or greater, you will be prompted with a dialog box to specify which services to enable/disable. Under "Mail Service" change the dropdown menu to disable. 
The mail service is now disabled for the domain!

  • In Plesk 11.x you can only disable mail for a primary domain (we're not using Plesk 11.x on any of our servers any longer).
  • In Plesk 9, step 3 is a button rather than tab and step 4 is a checkbox; uncheck it and click OK.

If you have root access to your server, you may run the command below to disable mail for any given domain:

/usr/local/psa/bin/domain -u [domain] -mail_service false
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